History of the FTC

When a person hears the name FTC, several things could happen.

If you’re Marlin from Finding Nemo, you might think of this:

alas, no, that’s the EAC. Though we can be pretty scary when we want to be.

If you’re the average (okay, maybe not so average) person who just happens to know all the government commissions by heart, this might come to mind:

p.s. we’re not part of any governments… Or are we? #theworldmayneverknow

And for a very select few (maybe 7,000, give or take a few hundred spam accounts), you might connect some dots to this:

Ring-a-ding-ding, we have a winner!

Yep, that’s us, The Fairy Tale Community! But who are we exactly?

Well, we’re wattpad writers who, back in December of 2015, saw that Wattpad was overflowing with fairy tale retellings (Think rough draft versions of Cinder by Marissa Meyer, Beauty by Robin McKinley, Fairest by Gail Carson Levine, Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige, etc.), but those retellings didn’t really have a community profile to call home. Which, on wattpad, put fairy tale retelling writers at a disadvantage since fairy tale retellings don’t tend to be put into traditional wattpad genre boxes easily. Except for maybe this one.

oh, box, sweet box, how we miss thee.

And not being able to fit into a box on wattpad can be a pretty bad thing for a wattpad writer. Mostly because there were other community accounts around that would help out other subgenres and genres by running contests, having special featured story lists, just being generally awesome, etc. Meaning, a lot of the site/app (mostly the app on this one, since on the website people could just trot on over to one of the discussion threads) had a larger entity floating around that had their back and they could go to for help easily.

So if a werewolf fiction writer on the app had a question or wanted to see if their story can be put on a special list, the Werewolf fiction writer could go to the werewolf community account and get that question answered and their story on that list!

And if a fairy tale retelling writer on the app had a question or wanted something special for their story they’ve worked so hard on? Well, the fairy tale retelling writer on the app could go figure out the answer by themselves like the good little independent writers they were and just do their best to promote their story as best as they could.

Yeah, not a fun time.

So, we took it upon ourselves to create our own community, and dove right in.

Which may or may not have been a good thing. The jury’s still out on that one.
 or maybe it’s not. 

But the moral of this story is that we’re somehow still here, a year and a half later, still doing our thing by running contests, doing book reviews, helping wattpad writers promote their stories, and just putting along really, trying to always help retelling writers out.

And we’re not alone anymore! Wattpad got us some besties (more like half-siblings who are also our besties) for Christmas (okay, it was in August) and made all of our fairy tale retelling writer dreams come true.

yay! our sisters from another mist- hold on. Is wattpad a boy? *shrugs* Either way, _once_upon is great and we love them and they’re ultra-supportive and amazing.

Which means everything is awesome. Kinda.

Thing is, we don’t really want to be limited to Wattpad (who would? There’s a whole other world out there just beyond the computer screen!), and we’ve figured out that writers who are limited to wattpad for their promotional/writing efforts are doing the writing equivalent of shooting themselves in the foot and then going to run a marathon.

Wattpad life does not prepare the average wattpad writer for life outside of wattpad.

Now, don’t misunderstand us. Wattpad is great. It’s a great confidence builder for young writers, a wonderful platform to help get your story out there, and if you’re in the right genre/you’re friendly, you can meet some great people who will be like your long-lost best friends you never knew you had.

Wattpad is great, but like we said, being a writer on wattpad does not equal success elsewhere.

So, true to form, we’re taking a deep dive into what is probably a shallow pool, and trying to help wattpad writers bridge the gap between Wattpad and the “outside world.”

Maybe that means being merciless when it comes to grammar and spelling (don’t take this post as an example. We’re writing it the way we are for a creative effect. We tots know how to do gramer and spewling. Tots. *rolls eyes*). Maybe it means taking no prisoners when it comes to character development and plot holes. It could mean helping writers branch out to other social media watering holes. Or helping them find book cover designers within their price range. Or an ongoing list of agents who seem to be leaning towards retellings.

Whatever it is, you can probably bank on the idea that we’ll be trying to help with it.

So in conclusion, feel free to look around, but know that we don’t have much up yet. But don’t worry! Content is coming!

As ever, we’re happy to help/talk to anyone, so feel free to shoot us an email or a message on Wattpad!

The Fairy Tale Community can be found on wattpad at here. For emails and inquiries, send us a message at fairytalecommunity@gmail.com!